Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute

August 24, 2020
Southern Magnolia

Southern Magnolia is beautiful stately tree in the south. Learn more about them.

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Along with the live oak, the Southern magnolia is one of the signature trees of the South.

Gardeners love it for its glossy, evergreen foliage and its impressive flowers, which can grow as large as dinner plates and have a pleasant, lemony scent.

A number of cultivars can work well in home landscapes in North and Central Florida. ‘D.D. Blanchard’ is popular for its showy foliage. The narrow-growing cultivar ‘Hasse’ works well in yards with narrow lot lines. And ‘Little Gem’ is a slower-growing variety that’s also good for small spaces.

So if you’re considering adding a tree, why not try one of these classic Southern beauties!

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