Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute

August 28, 2020
Bald Cypress

Bald cypress is an underutilized native landscape tree. Listen to this show to learn more about them.

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Bald cypress is a tree commonly found in swamps in the Southeastern U.S. This tree is known for its “knees,” which are actually root outgrowths.

The bald cypress can live for hundreds of years, growing as large as 150 feet tall with a spread of 35 feet.

These beautiful trees will do well in moist areas, but they’re much more drought-tolerant than most people think.

In the autumn, the feathery foliage of bald cypress will change to a copper color, eventually falling off. The leaves return in the spring with a flush of green.

Plant a container grown bald cypress tree any time of the year and be sure to water it until it’s established.

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