Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute


September 1, 2020

Many people are afraid of snakes. Learn more about how to deal with these mysterious creatures.

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In the spring, snakes are on the move, and you’re likely to come across one.

There are over forty species of snakes in the state, but only six are venomous. Most Florida snakes are harmless and benefit us by eating rodents. And some non-venomous snakes, like the Eastern Indigo snake, will actually eat venomous snakes!

If you come across a snake in your yard, leave it alone. It’ll probably go away, because mostly, snakes are just passing through. But if you often see snakes, they may be there to feed on rodents.

To discourage mice and rats, remove their food sources by frequently cleaning up pet food scraps and birdseed under feeders.

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