Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute


October 26, 2020
FFL Principle # 8 - Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater leaving a property can carry all sorts of pollutants. Learn the importance of keeping stormwater onsite and how to go about it.

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Rainwater can run off your landscape onto asphalt and other hard surfaces where it can’t penetrate into the ground. But in Florida-Friendly yards, rainwater soaks into the ground and stays on site, helping protect Florida’s waterways.

Reduce the amount of rainfall that leaves your landscape by using porous materials like gravel, mulch and permeable pavers for your sidewalks and driveways.

Densely growing turfgrasses and groundcovers help capture rainwater, filter pollutants, and reduce erosion.

You can also keep water on site by directing downspouts into landscape beds, planting rain gardens, and using rain barrels, and cisterns.

Keep rainwater in your landscape and help protect our fragile environment.

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