Benefits of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Florida-Friendly Landscaping benefits you, your family and your yard as well as our community, our state and our future

  • Enjoy healthy living:
    Minimize exposure to fertilizers and pesticides to you, your family, your home, and your pets
  • Save time and money:
    Let nature do the work for you with a landscape that minimizes maintenance requirements (like frequent watering) and minimizes the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and other costly products
  • Reduce Pollution to preserve our waterways:
    Reduce pollution from pesticides and fertilizers that runoff into our threatened aquatic ecosystems
  • Conserve our threatened freshwater resources:
    Use less water with drought-tolerant plants, with plants that naturally fit your landscape’s conditions, and with efficient watering practices
  • Preserve wildlife habitat and make your yard come alive:
    Preserve wildlife habitat by reducing pollution and by choosing plants that provide food and shelter in your yard for native wildlife
  • Control weeds and reduce erosion, water loss and stormwater runoff:
    Use Florida-Friendly Landscaping techniques such as natural mulch to reduce erosion and retain water in your yard
  • Create a simply beautiful yard:
    Use the Florida-Friendly Landscaping plant database and tutorial to create your custom yard