Osceola County Irrigation Class

For first-time water-use offenders in Osceola County, there’s now an alternative to a warning citation: Attend an FYN-led irrigation class.

Jessica Sullivan, Osceola County FYN agent, offers the two-hour class on water-wise homeowner tips twice a month. She focuses primarily on homeowners’ biggest water-use question: how to adjust their timers to complete an irrigation cycle within time restrictions. She also teaches how to measure sprinkler output and demonstrates the use of different timers.

The classes were created in partnership with the City of St. Cloud and the Toho Water Authority. In addition to those who have already received a first warning, Sullivan welcomes registrants enticed by an insert in their utility bill. She says homeowners want the chance to learn better water-use methods, especially in the winter dry season.

FYN Irrigation Class


Feel free to call Jessica at 321-697-3000 for more information. Also, let us know in the state office if your county has similar programs under way so we may let other agents know. Please call Kathy Malone, FYN Buidler & Developer State Coordinator, at 352-392-1831, ext. 220, or email her at kmalon@ufl.edu with your success stories.