Tom Wichman

Tom Wichman
Statewide Coordinator

Tom is a self-proclaimed plant nerd who has been in the horticultural industry for 45 years.  Tom is currently the statewide coordinator for the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Green Industries Best Management Practices Program. This program teaches Green Industry professionals environmentally safe landscaping practices that help conserve and protect Florida’s ground and surface waters and natural resources.  Since 2006, the program has educated more than 60,000 individuals statewide. 

Tom was the radio host for the Gardening in a Minute radio show which aired in many locations in Florida from 2006 to 2013.

Tom loves to collect plants and his home landscape shows this.  He has had collections of many different plant groups over the years and his collections just keep growing. 

When he is not working, Tom works in the landscape with his wife Becky.  Tom, Becky and his daughter Megan are big Gator fans and enjoy following many different Gator sports throughout the year.