Tips for Planting

1. Steps to Proper Installation

  • Dig a hole 1-½ times wider than the root ball but 1” shallower.
  • Place the root ball in the ground and check that the first main root (flare) is just above the soil line.
  • Fill soil around sides of the root ball.
    • Don’t put soil on top
  • Add mulch around plant.
    • Don’t add any on top of the root ball.
  • Water at planting and then on a regular schedule until the plant is established.

2. Space plants according to the mature size

Plant size at time of planting

Plants at mature size

3. Mulching Tips

  • Apply 3-4 inches of mulch and maintain a 2-3 inch layer on landscape beds to retain soil moisture, prevent erosion, and suppress weed germination.
  • Use by-product or alternative mulches such as pine bark, eucalyptus, melaleuca, or utility mulch.
  • FFL does not recommend the use of cypress mulch, as its origins may be difficult to determine.
  • Avoid mulching over the root ball.

4. Mulch Guide

Area in Sq Ft Cubic Yards Mulch* # of 2 CF Bags # of 3 CF Bags
Area in Sq Ft50 Cubic Yards Mulch*0.46 # of 2 CF Bags6.25 # of 3 CF Bags4.17
Area in Sq Ft75 Cubic Yards Mulch*0.69 # of 2 CF Bags9.38 # of 3 CF Bags6.25
Area in Sq Ft100 Cubic Yards Mulch*0.93 # of 2 CF Bags12.5 # of 3 CF Bags8.33
Area in Sq Ft125 Cubic Yards Mulch*1.16 # of 2 CF Bags15.63 # of 3 CF Bags10.42
Area in Sq Ft150 Cubic Yards Mulch*1.39 # of 2 CF Bags18.75 # of 3 CF Bags12.5

*calculated for 3” depth