Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute is a one-minute long radio show that shares practical tips on Florida-Friendly Landscaping™. Based on University of Florida horticultural research, the show airs twice every weekday and all shows are supported with helpful online links for more information.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute is brought to you by the UF/IFAS Extension Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program in cooperation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The show is hosted by Tom Wichman.


Click below for each episode's audio, transcript and links to related resources.

Home landscape

What Is Florida-Friendly Landscaping™? - March 2, 2020
Learn about this research-based, holistic approach to designing and maintaining Florida landscapes.

Water view

Protecting Florida’s Water - March 3, 2020
Discover how your landscape maintenance practices affect Florida's water.

Planting a tree

Planting Trees - March 4, 2020
Trees will do much better if they are planted correctly. Learn how to avoid problems by planting them correctly.


Spring Vegetable Gardens - March 5, 2020
Florida is a great place to garden. You can grow vegetables and herbs all year. This show will introduce how to get started with the spring season vegetables.

Covering Vegetables

Dealing with Late Freezes - March 6, 2020
Florida winters are quite mild compared to other parts of the country. But we often have a cold snap even after many of our plants have started to grow in the spring. Learn how to protect your tender plants.


FFL Principle #1 - Right Plant Right Place - March 9, 2020
Learn why this is the most important Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ principle.


Starting Your Landscape Design - March 10, 2020
A beautiful landscape typically starts with a design. Find out how to get started on your dream yard.

Irrigation Timer

Learning Your Irrigation Timer - March 11, 2020
To manage your landscape properly, you need to be able to adjust your irrigation timer with the seasons. Learn how to get started and start saving a lot of water.


Lawnmower Tune-up - March 12, 2020
Lawnmowers are great tools when they are running. Learn what goes into tuning up your lawnmower.


Selecting a Turfgrass - March 13, 2020
There are lots of turfgrass varieties on the market. Learn how to decide which one is the best fit for you.


FFL Principle # 2 - Water Efficiently - March 16, 2020
Watering correctly is key to maintaining a healthy landscape. Discover how to start planning.


Irrigation Maintenance - March 17, 2020
Irrigation systems are a great convenience. They do, however, need to be maintained from time to time. Find out how to get started.


Attracting and Safeguarding Insects - March 18, 2020
Beneficial insects are very valuable to our environment. Learn how to safeguard your landscape to protect them.


Plant Hardiness Zones - March 19, 2020
The USDA has established plant hardiness zones to help you choose the right plant for your region. Learn more about using this information.


Gardening for Birds - March 20, 2020
Learn what you can do to make your landscape more attractive to the beautiful animals.


FFL Principle # 3 - Fertilize Appropriately - March 23, 2020
Plants need nutrients to grow. Learn how to apply them as needed to keep a healthy landscape.


Using your Extension Office - March 24, 2020
Every county in Florida has a University of Florida Extension Office. Discover what resources are available at your local office.


Soil Health - March 25, 2020
For trees, lawns and plants to thrive, you need good quality soil. See how important soil is to the success of your plants.


Selecting a Landscape Maintenance Service - March 26, 2020
Landscape professionals make managing a landscape easier. Learn the important things you should know before you hire a landscape maintence professional.


Fertilizing Roses - March 27, 2020
Learn to keep your roses growing throughout the warm months buy fertilizing them properly.

FFL Principle # 4 - Mulch - March 30, 2020
Mulch adds the finishing touch to a landscape, but it also does so much more. Learn about mulch benefits and some good choices for mulch as well.

Tips for New Floridians - March 31, 2020
People new to Florida find that things are quite different in Florida than in most other states. Learn some quick tips to get started on the right track.

Birdwatching Basics - April 1, 2020
Learn how to get started watching and identifying the wide range of birds flying past your windows.

Native Plants - April 2, 2020
This large group of plants can be a great choice for many Florida-Friendly landscapes. See why.

Purchasing Plants - April 3, 2020
Spring is often the time when people think about adding plants to the landscapes. Learn what to look for when you go shopping for your new plants.