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Guidelines for Hiring a Florida-Friendly Landscape Professional

Professionals who are educated in and practice Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) will set your landscape up for success. Plants, when planted and maintained sustainably, can live longer and resist pests, saving money over the long term.

Many residents evaluate their landscape professionals on price alone; however, quality landscaping is an investment in your property. Knowing what to look for in a landscape professional will help you get the most for your investment, ensure your yard reaches its greatest potential and protect Florida’s water and other natural resources.

Evaluate your needs

Your search should begin with a needs assessment. Are you looking for a lawn service company to mow your lawn regularly or do you require additional services like weeding, pruning, planting seasonal flowers, pest control and fertilizing? Do you need more specialized services like design and irrigation? Make sure you have a clear picture of what you want and clearly convey this to your potential landscape company.

Research local options and compare them. Look for companies with experience in a variety of services and strong references from past clients with the same needs as you. Check websites, social media profiles and online reviews.

Select a Landscape Professional

When selecting a Florida-Friendly landscape professional the most important question to ask is if they follow the nine FFL Principles. For a more detailed conversation about how a landscape professional puts the nine FFL principles into practice try using the Checklist for Hiring a Landscape Professional.

Additional things to consider when selecting a landscape professional:

Check if the business is licensed and insured

Hire professionals who meet all state and local license and insurance requirements for the contracted work. Consult with your local UF/IFAS Extension agents about other appropriate insurance coverage.

Florida law requires licenses for specific services such as applying fertilizers or pesticides. Below is a list of licenses to be aware of when choosing a lawn service provider. Check with the company to be sure they are properly licensed.