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FFL Butterfly Gardens

Plan your butterfly garden the Florida-Friendly way!

Plant lists, design and gardening tips, and butterfly guides are at your fingertips with the UF/IFAS Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program's free Butterfly Gardens mobile web app.

Design My Butterfly Garden

  • Q&A format guides you in creating a custom plant list based on your garden's location and characteristics.
  • View your plant list with a touch as you shop, or create a printable pdf with details.
  • Create a free account from the app menu to use the Garden Design and plant bookmark features.

Browse Plant Lists and Characteristics

  • 128 Florida-Friendly, butterfly-attracting plants, with color photos and the information you need to choose the right plants.

Design and Garden Tips

  • Guidance from UF/IFAS experts to help you design, plant and maintain an attractive butterfly garden that follows the principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™.

Butterfly Guide

  • 62 Florida butterflies, with color photos and information, including flight period, location (Florida counties), host plants, and more.

Use on Any Device

  • Log into your account on your phone, tablet or computer – the app and your data are available anywhere via internet.

This free web app is designed for mobile devices but can be used on a computer, too. Nothing to download. Internet connection required. A free log-in account is needed to use some features.

FFL Butterfly Gardens