GI-BMP Certificate Requests

To request a GI-BMP Training Certificate, please select the appropriate option below and complete the online request form or follow instructions given. A new certificate will be mailed to you.

Request a replacement GI-BMP Training Certificate
Use this option if you completed the Green Industries Best Management Practices class, but have lost or did not receive the numbered training certificate and wallet card. Certificates can be re-issued for classes from 2006 to present..

Florida Certified Horticulture Professionals (FCHP) only
Use this option if you did not attend a GI-BMP class, but you did receive FCHP certification from FNGLA since March 2007.

Update your information
Use this option to report a change in your mailing address, employer or other information since you received your GI-BMP certificate.

Request a certificate by email
To request an email copy of a certificate you received in the past, please use the first link above (Request a replacement) and include a comment requesting an email copy.

If you have just passed the online certification test and have not yet received a certificate, please email your request to and include your full name and login username. Certificates for online tests are generally sent the following business day.