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Research/Data for Florida-Friendly Local Governments

Cost Savings

Estimated Water Savings Potential of Florida-Friendly Landscaping Activities
This document looks at how implementing FFL can result in water savings for home landscapes.

Community Success Stories

This document contains examples of how communities have saved money after implementing Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ principles into their landscapes.

Water Quantity/Quality

Economic Value of Florida Water Resources: Contributions of Tourism and Recreation to the EconomyThis document discusses the contribution of water-based tourism to Florida’s economy. Readers can pick and choose the studies most relevant to their geographic area or their area of interest.

Sources and Transformations of Nitrogen in Urban Landscapes 
This document is intended for individuals working in urban environments and concerned about nutrient pollution and water quality issues to improve their understanding of nitrogen cycling

Encouraging Behavior Change in Your Community

Marketing Florida-Friendly Landscapes to Florida Homeowners
This document discusses the most effective methods of marketing the FFL program to Florida homeowners.

Encouraging Landscape Water Conservation Behaviors Series
Many local government officials find it hard to encourage water conservation behavior change among their community members. A collaborative UF/IFAS team of researchers developed this series. 

High water users’ opinions of water usage in southern Florida & Orlando
This survey of south and southwest Florida homeowners known to be high water users measured their perceptions of water issues and engagement in conservation behaviors compared to the general public. The goal is to identify the barriers associated with engaging in water conservation efforts.

Public opinions of water quantity & quality (2016)
The survey, designed to be demographically representative of the entire state, measures what Floridians think about water supply and quality across the state, their engagement in conservation behaviors, understanding of water policy and identifies their perceptions of broad issues related to water quantity and quality.

Plants and Community Wellbeing

Health and well-being benefits of plants 
This website has an overview of research related to the health benefits of plants. Texas A&M.

Review of the Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Plants
Journal of Environmental Horticulture article that summarizes publications regarding the emotional and mental health benefits associated with plants.

Ways plants promote better mental health and wellbeing
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) research that spending more time in nature has a beneficial impact on our mental health.

How Plants Improve Your Mental and Physical Health
Website with benefits of plants in your child’s life and horticultural therapy.


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