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For Home Landscapes

Fertilizers, pesticides, debris and eroded soil carried in stormwater can wreak havoc on our water quality. Florida-Friendly Landscaping seeks to retain and use as much of the rainfall and irrigation water that lands on our home landscapes as possible. Stormwater control features can be a beautiful addition to your landscape.  Creating shallow rain gardens or shaping the earth on slopes with berms (rises) and swales (dips), can help slow runoff from heavy rains and allow the water time to soak into the ground. Wherever possible, maintain permeable walkways, driveways and patios to allow rain to soak into the ground.


  • Most of the stormwater remains onsite and is filtered through plants and soil, reducing pollution coming from the landscape
  • Captured water can be used to irrigate landscape plants
  • Stormwater management protects the landscape from erosion
  • Your healthy landscape may protect the quality of Florida’s waters
Reduce Stormwater Runoff Guidance