Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute


June 22, 2020
Garden Pathways

Garden paths help to define garden spaces. Learn more about these important garden features.

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Garden paths are an important, but often forgotten feature of landscapes. Pathways help you navigate your garden and allow you to create outdoor rooms.

Replace traffic-damaged turf with beautiful planned pathways that help rainwater flow into the ground, filtering pollutants.

Construct your pathways from brick, flagstones, or porous pavers. Or use crushed shells, stepping stones, or gravel. Be sure to add space between your landscape pavers to allow water to flow between them.

Mulch is another great way to define garden paths attractively. Line mulched pathways with an edging material to keep mulch in-bounds.

Show your family and friends the way by directing them along your new garden paths!

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