Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute

August, 27, 2020

Many people fear wasps, but they are actually beneficial. Learn why by listening to this show.

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You may think of wasps as pests, but they’re actually helpful. Wasps are beneficial because they attack harmful insects, like house flies and caterpillars.

Some wasps, such as mud daubers, usually won’t sting unless touched or bothered. However, hornets and yellow jackets are more aggressive when disturbed.

Paper wasps build nests on the undersides of large-leaved plants or other sheltered locations, so pay attention when working in your landscape. Don’t ever walk barefoot in the yard, and keep sweet foods covered or indoors.

If you have a problem wasp nest that must be removed, be sure to use an insecticide that contains pyrethrum. Apply it at night from a safe distance.

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