Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute


October 30, 2020
Using Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water where available is a great opportunity to recycle water when irrigating your landscape. Learn more about this reclaimed water in this episode.

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Using reclaimed water to irrigate our landscapes is one way that we can help conserve Florida’s groundwater resources.

Reclaimed water is specially treated wastewater that can be used for irrigating residential areas, golf courses, parks, and public-school yards.

Reclaimed water provides plants with nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus that they need to grow, though some plants may be sensitive to its salt concentrations.

If your community has access to reclaimed water, you may be able to use it for lawn and landscape plant irrigation. Just remember that reclaimed water isn’t safe for drinking.

By reusing water we already have, we can help preserve our groundwater supplies for future generations.

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